Survey Results

We received 465 completed survey forms which represents over 20% of the population of the Tarrangower Community.  This is a very good result for a community survey and is a credit to the community as well as the planning group.

The survey results indicated all five topics are of similar importance to the community, with Environment and Sustainability rating as slightly more important than the others.

Below you will find the five topics from the survey, in the order they were appeared in the survey.  Under each topic are three proposed activities rated as most important (1. the most, 2. second most etc.) by the Tarrangower Community.

To see a full list of all activities you can and their rating, click on the full list of all activities link below. 

Our Community

  1. Improve access to medical services and provide a choice of GPs

  2. Help community groups work together to support and recruit members/volunteers and coordinate their efforts

  3. Consider the employment and housing needs of young families in Tarrangower to make our population more diverse.

Our Heritage, Our Infrastructure

  1. Protect environmental, landscape and Indigenous heritage throughout Tarrangower

  2. Survey the number and frequency of large trucks travelling through Maldon

  3. Enhance the appearance and historical aspects of the main entry points to Maldon

Our Local Economy

  1. Promote 'buy local' so that essential retail services are not lost

  2. Strengthen links between farmers and town residents to increase community cohesion and support during hard times

  3. Retain planning provisions that prevent the sub-division of farms.

Our Environment and Sustainability

  1. Better weed management in public areas, roadsides and empty blocks

  2. Improve communication with Parks Victoria and other government bodies regarding local land management

  3. Explore all options to minimise household waste and investigate options for local recycling practices

Arts and Culture

  1. Work with Dja Dja Wurrung people to honour and celebrate their culture, history and language

  2. Provide opportunities for artists in the community to showcase and sell their work

  3. Coordinate cultural and creative events for the community, and encourage visitation